No Nonsense Tactics for the Whole Family

The ASSERT Empowerment and Self-Defense curriculum is a powerful training course designed for living, not just defense. This is not a Martial Arts program!

ASSERT Self-Defense has a completely different focus and is geared toward the whole family!

Learn to confront the faceless violent criminal, home invader, car-jacker, and kidnapper as well as the acquaintance, friend, or family member that becomes manipulative and potentially violent or dangerous.


The primary goal of the course is to

Transform Fear into Power.

This course is designed to: 

        • Help you face stressful situations successfully,
        • Plan ahead for them, and
        • Maintain your composure and clear thinking even under the effects of Adrenaline.

Empower yourself to be safe, happy, and free!

ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense Courses are centered on the development of the Mind-Set in order to employ the Skill-Set.


Because our program has been developed with the help of Mental Health Professionals, Self Defense Industry Leaders, Legal Experts, and extensive research into Department of Justice, Department of Defense, and Law Enforcement statistics, proceedures, definitions, training, we have been able to create a system that allows all students, of any age, gender, and physical capability, to effectively utilize the unique techniques and materials presented during our course work.

That is what makes ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense different.

Once the Mind-Set is changed, the skills can be quickly
and effectively applied.


Our goals are simple:

        • Recreate the levels of stress you would experience during an attack of any kind,
        • Do so in a controlled and safe environment, and
        • Empower You to Live Without Fear.

We recommend and encourage participants of all genders, ages and physical conditions to participate. 

Please, keep in mind that, while we do gear the curriculum to be age appropriate, the use of profanity and aggressive tactics is highly likely. Also, it is important to note that we will be discussing sensitive issues such as rape, murder, home invasion, kidnapping, and other violent crimes. You may wish to address these with younger students on a one to one level before beginning the course.




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