Lectures and Presentation Series

Lecture Series


Anxiety vs. Fear

Does the thought of Public Speaking make your stomach turn?

Have you ever had a bad feeling about walking down a particular street or about a specific person? What is that strange and sometimes debilitating sensation? We all feel it sometime and can seem insurmountable. Can you control it? Use it?


Learn the difference between feelings of Anxiety and feelings of Fear, and, in the process, discover constructive ways to utilize each one, use them to better navigate the world around you.


You Can Be Assertive

Sometimes, our reactions to a situation can inflame the situation further or leave us feeling unfulfilled and maybe even upset at the outcome. When we learn to respond rather than react, we can carefully choose the steps we take. You can stand your ground, firmly, without aggression or passivity, and without further escalation. Assertiveness Training helps pave the way to clear communications, open debate, and conflict resolution.


Verbal De-Escalation

Most conflicts can be defused with just a few words, but most of us don't know how. Learn to identify the type of confrontation that you are involved in, to see the verbal and non-verbal cues that are being transmitted to you, and appropriate responses which will help de-escalate and calm the situation.


Identity Theft

How much private information about yourself and your loved ones do you give away without realizing it? Most of us don't even think about it, but even the bumper stickers we put on our cars broadcast personal information that an Identity Thief can use against you. Find out how much information you are simply giving away and explore ways to better insulate yourself from Identity Theft and similar crimes.


Acquaintance Rape

Less than 20% of Rapes are aggravated assaults by a stranger. Most are rapes perpetrated by someone the victim knows. Would you be able to recognize the advance on your personal boundaries? Would you be able to resist the manipulatiion? Learn how to defend yourself from the tactics utilized in these cases.


Surviving Home Invasion

This crime is an entirely different animal. Home invasions take place under the criminal's ideal conditions: isolation and time. Would you know what to do to survive and escape? Create a plan and learn how to survive in case of a home invasion.



There are many myths out there about preventing and surviving a kidnapping. Learn how to prevent and, in a worst case scenario, survive kidnappings.


Crimes of Opportunity

Not all crimes are about you. Sometime you really do find yourself at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Increase your awareness, learn to work with your fear, and survive.


Preparing for College

Preparing for college is exciting, but most of us concentrate on academics and social life rather than safety and security. Prepare your High School Juniors and Seniors for life on their own with this course. Focusing on Identity Theft Prevention, Safety and Security Tips, Personal Boundary Identification, Verbal-De-escalation, and Basic Self Defense Techniques, you can rest assured that your child will be better prepared to prevent or face potentially dangerous situations while away. It's common sense wisdom for their first time on their own.


Non-Verbal Communications and Body Language

Over 90% of human communication is non-verbal. So, what are you really saying when you've said nothing at all? Are you conveying a clear, concise message or are your verbals and non-verbals in conflict?


Group/ Corporate Teambuilding

Improve productivity and efficiency at work through improved communication and cooperation. Energize your group, whether family, friends, or coworkers, with activities designed to improve communication and listening skills, trust, respect, and cooperation.



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