Assert Empowerment and Self Defense Programs

Students and program participants can select from an array of course options including lecture based presentations, corporate team-building, all-movemement workshops, long-form classes, and online courses. The courses can be combined into one, comprehensive program, or, with the exception of our online course offerings, each can be experienced as a one-time, standalone class. Our entire course catalogue is available in a variety of class formats* and can be combined to create an individualized experience specific to your group. Specialty programs with a more targeted focus for your particular groups needs are also available. Please contact us for more information.


Our lecture and presentation based offerings are perfect for large groups of all ages.

  • Anxiety vs. Fear - Learn the difference between these, constructive uses of each, and how to navigate your everyday positively.
  • You Can Be Assertive - You can stand your ground, firmly, without aggression or passivity. Assertiveness Training helps pave the way to clear communications, open debate, and conflict resolution.
  • Verbal De-Escalation - Most conflicts can be defused with just a few words.
  • Identity Theft - How much private information about yourself and your loved ones do you give away without realizing it?
  • Acquaintance Rape - Less than 20% of Rapes are aggravated assaults by a stranger. Most are rapes perpetrated by someone the victim knows. Learn how to defend yourself from the tactics utilized in these cases.
  • Surviving Home Invasion - This crime is an entirely different animal. Create a plan and learn how to survive in case of a home invasion.
  • Kidnapping - There are so many myths out there about preventing and surviving a kidnapping. Learn how to prevent and, in a worst case scenario, survive kidnappings.
  • Crimes of Opportunity - Not all crimes are about you. Sometime you really do find yourself at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Increase your awareness, learn to work with your fear, and survive.
  • Preparing for College - Safety Tips and common sense wisdom for your first time on your own.
  • Non-Verbal Communications and Body Language - What are you really saying when you've said nothing at all?
  • Corporate Teambuilding - Improve productivity and efficiency at work through improved communication and cooperation.


Assert one- and two- day workshops have a maximum of 30 participants per workshop and ensure maximum one-on-one instruction time.

  • Introduction to Self-Defense - Beginner's Level - This seminar covers Department of Justice and FBI Crime Statistics, Intensive Mind-set Conditioning (IMC), explores personal boundary self-discovery, possible crime scenarios, escape and real-life applicable defense techniques.
  • Intermediate Level - Building on the Beginner's Level, IMC, skill-set development, sparring, situational escape and defense techniques, identification of personal boundaries and its applications and importance, weapons handling, home emergency escape planning, cardio-vascular and strength conditioning.
  • Advanced Level - Builds on the previous two levels, adding honing of reactionary skills, improvised weapons, edged weapons defense tactics, multiple attacker defense, available full contact sparring with protection (for conditioning and reaction-time development).

Long-Form Courses

The Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level courses can be combined to create a several week long program that takes participants through the entire curriculum at a slower, more detailed pace. You can also add in Lecture Series courses, extending the program to between 4 and 9 weeks.

On-going and Online Courses

After attending any of our on-site trainings, you are eligible to assist our on-going or our online classes. Our on-going course series includes updates to informational classes, new techniques, and additional certifications. Our online offerings are all lecture and information based.

Victim Recovery Assistance

As a part of our instructor requirements, each of our presenters and teachers must complete certain Victim Recovery and Victim First-Responder certifications. In this way, we can be better equipped to assist in the recovery and healing process of those students who need us most. If you have been previously victimized, ASSERT can be an important step in your healing path. Please contact us for more information.

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*Note: Class descriptions are listed under the first available course format for that class offering. Each class is then available in the formats that follow.

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