Assert one- and two- day workshops have a maximum of 30 participants per workshop and ensure maximum one-on-one instruction time. We employ Adrenaline Stress Training techniques during our courses in order to ensure that our students will be able to use their self defense knowledge in a time of need, always with respect for our students.




Introduction to Self-Defense

Beginner's Level - This seminar covers Department of Justice and FBI Crime Statistics, Intensive Mind-set Conditioning (IMC), Assertiveness Training, explores personal boundary self-discovery, de-escalation,"Hot-Button" innoculation, possible crime scenarios, escape and real-life applicable defense techniques. At course end, participants must be able to successfully de-escalate non-violent, potentially violent, and violent situations, prepare physical guard in light of potentially violent situations, recognize potential outs as situations develop, identify and apply preventative measures, and apply physical techniques to create successful escapes during violent situations in order to receive their certification and eligibility for more advanced classes.


Intermediate Level

Building on the Beginner's Level, the Intermediate Workshop provides in-depth understanding of the information covered during the Introduction to Self Defense, and further develops IMC, skill-set, escape-goal sparring, situational escape and defense techniques, identification of personal boundaries and its applications and importance, weapons handling, home emergency escape planning, and cardio-vascular and strength conditioning. Additionally, participants will complete the program with the information and skill necessary to continue a conditioning regiment tailored to their capabilities. At the end of the course, the students are tested. Those who successfully complete the test are awarded a certificate of completion and are eligible for ongoing, Advanced courses.


Advanced Level

The Advanced Level Workshop builds on the previous two levels, adding honing of reactionary skills, improvised weapons, edged weapons defense tactics, multiple attacker defense, and offers available full contact sparring with protection (for conditioning and reaction-time development). Participants that successfully complete the Advanced Level Workshop are eligible to apply for the ASSERT Instructors Certification Program.

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