Our Mission

Our Vision and Goals are simple.

Train our students to:

      • Be stronger physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually;
      • Turn fear into power;
      • Improve their communication skills as a group and as individuals;
      • Free people from self-imposed confines and limits;
      • Have confidence in the Self;
      • Take responsibility for their own security;
      • Be autonomous and responsible for their actions and effect on the world around them;
      • Be compassionate;
      • Discover a different Mind- and Skill-set that can be applied in all aspects of life;
      • Develop their ability to think rationally in stressful situations, leading to more informed desicions and actions;
      • Use and trust their critical thinking and common sense; and, most of all,
      • Be Assertive!

Our aim is

To help our students develop and grow as confident, assertive Members of our Human Community.


You Can Be ASSERTive!

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