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ASSERT Students

We recommend that you start by organizing or taking a class as a student. Organizing a class allows you to define the exact goals you wish to achieve and experience a course geared towards your specific needs and wants.

    • Attend a class and learn the basics of self-defense in a way that is immediately viable.
    • Organize a class and have your specific needs and wants addressed in the program.
    • Skillset and Mindset Conditioning
    • Adrenaline Stress Inoculation
    • Case-Study and Statistics based training:
      • Learn the truth about crime reporting;
      • Discover what is really going on around you;
      • Find out what do you do about it; and
      • Know that you CAN defend yourself!

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ASSERT Instructors

After experiencing ASSERT as a student, you may choose to become a Certified Instructor and pass the information along to other groups and peers. Training to become an Instructor offers broader and deeper understanding and skillsets and provides a special sense of accomplishment that can only come from helping others find their inner strength. As an ASSERT Instructor you are a needed and valued resource in the transformation of fear into power. Instructors can provide self-defense programs and empowerment courses for everybody from children to adults, regardless of physical ability, addressing their specific needs, and add on-going programs to their schools, organizations, or social facilities.


    • Edged weapons, Weapon Retention/Retrieval
    • More in-depth statistics and crime dissection
    • Learn how to teach the ASSERT Program and its components
    • Receive access to on-going resources and support via video, text, and live consultation
    • Participation in the ASSERT Instructor Community
    • Exposure, Referral, and Continued Training


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ASSERT Professionals

Because we understand that Security and Law Enforcement Professionals need specific training to address potentially life-threatening situations on a day-to-day basis, we offer the ASSERT Professionals curriculum. By providing ASSERT Professionals concise, targeted, liability-conscious information and tactics, we are able to better prepare our Professionals to face adrenalized, high-risk scenarios quickly and effectively. Stress inoculation, adrenal stress conditioning, edged weapon defense, and weapon retention are addressed at the advanced level.


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